Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is doing good. I haven’t been posting because I did not know what to post about. Today I was lead to write about Heartaches and Heartbreaks. I feel like I’m always getting my heart broken because I always expect more out of people. I also feel like If I’m a genuine person, everyone should be like that and that is never the case. NOT everyone is going to have the same heart as you or me. My advice is never change your good heart out of anger or just because you’re tired of people doing you wrong. The world need kind people like you and me. Just guard your heart because at the end of the day, your gut feeling is always right. NEVER ignore that, because that’s where you get most answers you’re looking for.

” Time heals all wounds”, I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this quote before. I disagree with this quote because If we are not doing anything effective to make sure that wound is healed properly, we will face some complications in the future. It’s like cutting a chunk of your skin and just do nothing about it. But if you want that wound to heal properly you would go to the doctor to get stitches, making sure you change your bandage and put the proper  medicine throughout the healing process. That is a lot like our Spiritual life, God is our Spiritual doctor so we have to take our brokenness to him. God will heal your brokenness if you let him, God is never too far away just a prayer will get his attention.

Psalm 34, talks about those who look to God for help with be filled with joy. God does not want his children to be sad or always stressing about thing we have no control over. If you find yourself in the middle of stressing or being sad over something, just say “Lord take it”, we are not meant to carry any type of burden so please hand it to God. That same passage talks about God saving people from their troubles, many people will testify to this because they gave God all their troubles or worries. We are children of God, and God will never forsake us or leave us dry. We are Blessed in the name of Jesus. Speak positively into your life and into your situation because a negative mind will always keep you five steps behind. Believe that you are Blessed no matter what the situation is, Always expect a Blessing from the Lord. We have to walk in Authority and take back what the devil stole. Heartbreaks are nothing to the man above, We just have to be willing.

If you are heartbroken please have a prayer life, even if your heart is not broken you should have a prayer life. Ask God for guidance and understanding of what is going on. Pray positively over your life, Let the Holy spirit lead your decisions throughout the day. Have a stable relationship with God, so you can Understand when He is Speaking to you. Write things done if you think It’s God trying to speak to you, Get guidance from a mentor. Sometimes we don’t understand a situation, but someone else might. Get rid of distractions and spent time with God so he can heal you, instead of just covering up your scars. We want to heal not hide under bandages or cover ups, and God will make a brand new person out of you if you can just go higher. You just need to touch him, It doesn’t matter what’s in the way, Your Blessings and Healing is far more important. Please stay in prayer, I can not stress praying. Praying is the main factor in your healing process. Also watch Youtube videos about the situation that your going through, I’m pretty sure someone else went through the same thing and now they have a testimony for you.

I pray Healing and blessings over anyone who is reading this right now, And have a joyful weekend everyone. Amen