Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a great week so far. If you are not, I pray that you feel Blessed in Jesus name. Today I want to talk about the “Five Languages of Love”.  It was brought to my attention last Saturday because my friends were taking the test. Yes, there is a test to know what love language you are. (http://www.5lovelanguages.com) that is the link if you want to take the test to know a little bit more about yourself.

Words of Affirmation– When you always want people to affirm things to you, like even when you know something but feels better after hearing it. For Ex: Even though I know my partner cares about me and appreciate me, I will not be 100% until he says it out loud.

Quality Time– When you spend time with individuals without any interruptions. For Ex: When you can spend the day with someone without doing anything special, Just the time being spend together brings you peace and happiness.

Receiving Gifts– When someone buys you something or just give you something that lets you know they have been thinking about you. For Ex: when someone brings you, your favorite candy without being asked. It lets you know they pay attention and was thinking about you.

Physical touch– When someone lightly touches you with intimacy. For Ex: when your best friend kisses your face or just hug you for no reason at all.

 Acts of Service– Helping with daily tasks. For Ex: if your mom has been at work all day, and there’s dishes in the sink If you decide to wash them it’s an act of service.

I think it’s very important that we know our love languages because we’ll be able to understand ourselves a little bit more. Also the people around us can better understand how to communicate to us. Sometimes not knowing what your love languages can make you feel unappreciated, I only say that because sometimes people might think you like being touched but you hate it. Also that will help you have a stronger marriage because your spouse will know how to make you feel wanted and loved.

Before even taking the test I already knew what love language I was but I took it anyways just for confirmation. My top two is ” word of affirmation and quality time”, and if your my friend you already know this. I love  being alone with my loved ones, and I do not like sharing my favorite people.  there’s nothing more I love than being complimented, hearing how much I’m being appreciated, How proud I make people. I honestly think that’s from my childhood. In my neighborhood people really loved me, and we could not go anywhere without someone saying how pretty I was. For some reason I grew up expecting that. I was dating a guy once and it use to brother me that he did not compliment me when I was looking Bomb lol. Like other guys would but he wouldn’t. He told me ” you already know how beautiful you are I shouldn’t have to tell you.” He was right but that doesn’t change how I feel about not being told.

With that being said I hope someone take this test and learn more about yourself, Please share with your friends. Have a Goodnight Everyone.