Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great and I pray that everyone is feeling blessed and happy. Today I will be talking about the Spirit of Lust and sexual impurity. This topic was brought to me recently through an experience. For some reason this generation does not know the importance of being pure. I feel like we are not using our bodies as a temple for the Lord, we’re just doing what we see everyone do. But as Christians we should not be following what everyone else is doing, One because we know better and two because we serve a God who will not stand for things like that. Our number one thing as Christians is to thrive to be more like God, and God would not be using his body like it’s trash.

“Impurity does not begin in the heart, it begins in the eye.” -Robert Morris

I thought that was very interesting because lust starts with just one simple look. If our impurity starts in the eye, why don’t we train our eyes to make better choices? What I mean by better choices is If we see something we should not be looking at,train our eyes to look away. Another thing we can do is start praying and rebuking that kind of spirit. The spirit is always willing to help us make better choices but the flesh is weak, So most of the time the flesh wins. Matthew 5:28 ” But I say anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with his heart.” So that verse right here confirms, that impurity starts with our eyes. And the next verse said If your eyes causes you to sin pluck it out, That’s how serious this God is. God would rather you have one missing eye then to go to hell for a moment of pleasure.

Impurity will ruin your relationship with God, There’s no argument on that. How can we sin and think that God is okay with it? It does not make sense because we all know one of the major things about being Christians is having a pure mind, heart, soul and body. If you are truly a Christian sinning should make you have a heavy heart. I say this because that’s how I get my convictions. Whenever I sin, I wake up with such heavy heart, and it will not go away until I repent for what I have done. And how can we try to destroy the temple of God and think that it’s okay? because it is not and it will never be. That’s where the Christian Atheist comes in, the ones who believe in God but still sin like no tomorrow. Watch out for those kind of people. We should surround ourselves with people who will keep us accountable for our actions and constantly helping make better choices to please God and not this world.

It breaks my heart to see how much this generation does not care about their bodies. I’m not looking down on anyone because I was once in that position. But I went through some trials and tribulations that changed me completely. I would not want any one of you out there to have to go through the struggle for you to understand how important it is to guard your body and heart. We should not let anyone who is not our spouse touch us inappropriately. Sex was made for a Husband and a Wife, Do not let anyone lie to you and tell you that it is okay for you to give yourself to them like that. Once you start with lusting and sexual impurity it’s very hard to stop, because the devil is already doing everything he can to keep you from God. Do not let one moment of pleasure destroy your relationship with God. It’s not worth it because all your left with is regret.