Hi guys, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this page. I’ve recently started a new job this year and Still have my old one. So I have two jobs and I always seem to be tired when I get home. I recently changed my hours so I have a little bit of time on my hands. I asked God for another job and He blessed me with one so I can’t complain or act like it’s a burden because it’s not. Aside from my job my spiritual life has been pretty decent. It has nothing to do with my job or being busy, It’s just something I always felt to lazy to do after work. But It’s back on track and I feel a lot happier with everything that is happening in my life.


Psalm 40:1 says “I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.” This verse is important to me right now and will always be. I am very impatient with most things. I have been praying for God to give me patient and wisdom and I think it’s working. If your around me you know I want things done  my way. Recently I got myself stuck in a situation because I wasn’t willing to wait. That situation involves a male and I wanted to be with him. God gave me the okay but he didn’t say go head yet.  I wasn’t patient enough to wait for God’s timing. Just because God show us something or approve of something does not mean, it has to be done right at that moment. God show us the promise but we can’t just skip the whole journey that is going to lead us to the promise. So the man who God promised to me, is not the man I imagined him to be. I only find that out because I was not patient. I never receive confirmation to speak to him but I did, so During that time I find out he is not spiritually mature yet. I never got an okay from God to talk to him because God knew he wasn’t what he had promised me yet. I was very hurt and was completely done with the situation but tonight at prayer I was praying for him, and I burst into tears because I am letting my flesh and emotions control me. When the situation happened I wanted a due over or just for God to fix it. But it’s my own fault, God didn’t tell me to approach the situation. I seriously wanted to give up on him but  I should not be try to give up on this man because life will always have struggles and disappointments but that does not mean you get to give up. That means you work harder and your prayer life became a constant thing not just once in a blue moon.

As of now I am praying for this man every single day, but I will speak to him unless I’m told. I don’t want to keep disobeying God because I’m listening to my own flesh. I know I will need to help him spiritually, because I feel like I am stronger than him in some areas and I was exposed to certain environment that he wasn’t. I have to be a helpmate before I can go be his life mate. I am willing to wait on God for the yes or when God decide it’s time to reveal that to him. I want to marry this man so I will wait because his worth the wait. With the heart I have, even if I tried to give up on I wouldn’t be able to because I would want someone to believe that I can change. I have dated every way you can think of but never God’s way, so I will wait for that man. I know it’s going to be successful because my God promised him to me. So my advice to anyone reading this please wait, Whatever God promised to you He will bring to life. We just need to patiently wait on our blessings from the Lord.

I pray that anyone reading receives blessings and breakthrough, I pray that we believe in the Lord and not our own flesh. I pray that we have patients to wait on God’s promises for us. God would never forsake us or lead us to temptation. I pray that we stay pure and true to our hearts and try to be like Jesus every day. God bless everyone.