Hey Guys, So a couple of days ago was my birthday. I was so excited for my birthday this year because I was happy. For many years, I use to hate my birthday because I was always sad around that time. I also use to hate Christmas because I was never in the Spirit to celebrate. But this year everything changed.

This year started out really pathetic, I hated life because I was not happy. I was miserable because of the people I had around me and the Guys I was talking to. A couple of months ago I dropped everything and started giving God the Attention he needed to get to my heart. And God did just that, he  mold my heart into something he can call his own. I have been spending so much time with God and just learning to love him. It was hard at first because I wasn’t raised up in a Bible reading type of home, But after learning my seasons and knowing what I need to seek out God for at the moment has help a lot. Also I always go on Youtube to hear other people speak the word of God, and get some knowledge from their experience. MY best friend is a gift from God hands down because if she find anything that can help, just know she’s sending it to me. Before I use to think she’s really annoying because I was not right with God, or trying to be in God’s presence every moment of my life. But now since I am getting to know God more and more, I find it really helpful for her to care so much about my Faith.

This year I prayed for happiness more than anything, and God answered my prayers. This is the happiest I’ve been for a long time. And I want to thank God for the happiness he has put in my heart, I am grateful because I spent many years being depressed. I am a very private person so not many people knew it was my birthday, until a couple of days after when I start posting pictures. This year I didn’t expect gifts but my friends went out and get me a vanity table because I love doing my make up. I am thankful for that because it was not cheap but they still got it for me. I am in the mood for Christmas this year, I even wanted to get a tree but my parents are getting our house renovated so they said no. That did not stop my happiness because I still plan on getting everyone a present, and just being happy to spend time with my family and my few friends. Many people would find it weird for me to be happy, because life has not been the easiest this year. I’m fine with it because God has a plan for me, so I know I won’t struggle forever. This is my season right now and i’m going to embrace it and wait on God. God has the final say and He is not done with me.

So I pray happiness over everyone’s life, and I pray that everyone has a great Holiday. I pray that God would Bless each and every one of you reading this. Be happy in the Lod, He always provide. If God took away something from you this year,it’s because he has something greater in store for you. God Bless all of you beautiful souls.