The topic that was in my heart today was dating, I was talking to my best friend last night and I  feel like there are somethings I should address or talk about. I feel like as Christians we should not date just anyone or just anything. When I was dating and not submitting to God, I dated everything kind of man you could think of. I never really had a real boyfriend, I just dated guys and when I get bored I move on to the next one. At the time I really did not care what kind of person I was dating. Most of the guys I dated didn’t even go to church, praying was out of the question. So I was dating worldly man, and that came with a lot of frustration. The guys I was dating expected things from me, yes sometimes I gave in but other times I couldn’t. When I couldn’t they threaten to leave, most of the time I did let them go. except for one guy, we were dating for about 2-3 years. I thought I was in love with him and I would do anything for him. I started practicing being pure and I told him I could not give myself to him anymore. He threaten to leave and I sacrificed my body to make him stay.  That situation is over and looking back at it, I feel blind and stupid.

Where I’m trying to get at is stop dating just because your lonely, feeling sad, desperate, need someone’s attention, etc… That’s what I was doing but I was broken and felt dead inside because of the same man I thought I was in love with. God gave me many warning signs but I did not listen, because I wanted to be like everyone else and have a relationship. God gave that man permission to hurt me to the point where I wanted to die, I wasn’t listening so God had to go to extreme measures so I could turn to him. And it worked, God gave me an easy way in but I was so disobedient so I wanted to do things my way. My way got me more baggage than I thought I could carry. But the good thing is God was there for me, He was waiting every single day for me to come running to me.

Before pursuing someone, I advice you to pray about it because God will give you the answer you need. Do not go with what you think because you’re not thinking straight. All your probably thinking is how fine he is, how nice his muscles are, his popular,how nice his lips are, etc… The list of unnecessary things you can think of will go on.  How a man approach you says a lot about him period. If his coming at you with ” hey ma”, “shawty”, do not respond walk like you did not hear a peep. You can also tell a lot by how a person dress, there’s no way around it presentation speaks for its self. If a man is calling you out of your man, that’s not your man! God did not send him. If all a man can provide you with is sex, run. If that man is taking away from your friends, he’s not your husband. If his the reason your disobeying your parents,not your husband. No plans for God to use him, Not your Husband. In the club every weekend, not your husband. If his not trying to encourage you and help you built yourself up, Not  your husband. If his okay with you breaking a promise to God, just walk away. Can’t pray for you or with you, not your husband. If he blames you for the sky turning orange,not your husband. God give us so many sign but we choose not to listen.

DO NOT go out looking for your husband. It’s by nature that man are supposed to chase woman. If a man wants to be with you, he will pursue you and let you know his intentions. Eve was Taken from Adams rib, so your soul mate is going to complement you in ways you can begin to understand. She was taken from his rib cause he needed her. So ladies the sooner you understand that a man needs you more than you need him, you will find your inner queen. God will send him when it’s time and when your ready.Your husband is going to look at you like he just won the golden ticket. Your husband will lead you to God, not his bedroom. Your husband will want to honor God with you by his side. Your husband will want to wait until you guys are married to sleep with you. Or even a simple thing like a kiss, his gonna want to wait until your his to touch you. So when you meet your husband, you will know without a doubt.

2 con 6:14 talks about equally yoked with non believers.  Genesis 2:22-24 talks about Adams rib. Ephesians ch. 5 talks about your role as a wife. 1